2-14-18 Audio Storytelling

Class observations

Thanks for the constant effort to improve as an educator. Makes students feel like they have a voice and it really adds to class buy-in.

One additional suggestion, as Aubrey has probably already put forth, evaluation forms for partners are always helpful for your feedback and for individuals to show how much they contributed.


Ashley Alvarado, KPCC, Pasadena

Another spot on guest speaker. These are so fun to have because featured former students offer new advice and unique perspective as well as reinforce previous lessons.

Free food. Pardon the gender-specificity, but women always seem to have this technique down.  (Could the men of Madison Avenue even imagine a world where such absolutions exist? Damn…) Unexpected edibles always win over students, clients, co-workers, business associates, etc. One of the easiest paths to hearts. I wonder if this would work in an interview…

Excellent observation on practicing internal engagement. I am trying to do that inside of Eugene Weekly. I am meeting with the web developer next week to discuss how we can further this publication on a digital scale. I work to maintain a conversation with my editor, the head editor, other writers, ad execs and photo directors, even Cecilia who answers phones. This is how I’ve always operated in the workplace, be it in a school, a Merrill Lynch office or washing dishes at Big Boy. Goes to Kyra’s point of identifying what strengths that I bring and how I stand out from the competition.

Ashley echoes Sung Park’s point that even though people are giving their time, realize that this effort serves them as well. This is important on two levels: one, to maintain equal footing and two, to be mindful that this is a person that is being interviewed.

Which brings up Ashley’s cogent observation that’s missed in a multitude of fields, not just in journalism: a business must be reflective of the community that they are serving. Newspapers used to be one a few resources for information for people. Now, there are a hundred choices on how to understand the world. The only way that media organizations will exist is if their readership feels reflected and respected by an engaged newsroom. Again: find your advantage. Only local news can connect with the local population.

KPCC internship sounds excellent. Applications are due Friday. Along with a hundred other things. But I will apply. The only question is how to move to and exist in Pasadena for 10 weeks on $12 an hour…


Transom’s Pitching Story Ideas, Ari Daniel

This is excellent. I’ve got it saved in my “Journalism Lessons and Resources” bookmark now. It reflects and coincides the same topic we were discussing in Advanced Story Development today.

There’s a journalism aphorism that goes ‘if you can’t sum up your story in two sentences, you don’t have a story.’ This article adds meat to that bone to state, ‘if you can’t make your story punchy in two sentences, you don’t have a sellable story.’

Where I struggle most (curiously, because narrative flow is my strength) is creating a title that pops.


Four-Leaf Clovers

Interesting bright. It’s fascinating what comes up just when talking to people. All a reporter, all a human being has to do is listen.

Good tip too: Don’t start recording, writing, reporting until the journalist knows there’s a story and that that story has been accepted in a pitch. I’ve already been caught in that pinch. I did some interviews that didn’t get accepted. I turned it into what I believe is an quality piece, but it ain’t published anywhere so I’ll be the only one to enjoy it…


A Unique Expression Of Love For Math

Mmmmm… not to be a jerk, but this should be obvious. Do your research beforehand. Learn what’s interesting. This is a good reminder as this is not at all easy with multiple deadlines and trying to pull things together. And I am not nearly always able to accomplish doing research. But still…


Probing Dolphins’ Genetic Mysteries

Fascinating take. Poor dolphins, but at least we can learn something…

Goes to my point earlier too. It’s challenging for a beginning journalist. I hear these words echoed in my nightmares from a professor who will remain heretofore unnamed:

“There’s no detail, no sense of story, no tension. And everyone has heard about this idea — there’s nothing to indicate why my story would do something unexpected or surprising.”



Is There a New Beauty Movement?

Already commented upon…


The Woj Pod: Demar DeRozan

Never really cared about him, but this really gave me a hell of an appreciation now.

While I am not that big of an NBA fan (favoring instead, The Land of Sparta), I think that we are in a golden age of NBA players who are stand-up men who serve as integral mentors to their communities and to fans.  

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