Demystifying Week 6-7 Blog Part One: Biz Pitches and Social Media Video Observations

Social Media Observations

The social videos last week were interesting, but I honestly don’t have any notes on them and am not quite sure what the purpose of the assignment was. Even going back to the post, I don’t remember most of them, except for the Dove commercial. The reason I remember this is one, Dove has done an excellent job of branding itself in the last decade as a company who empowers women. I used the company’s body campaign as lessons in my high school marketing classes.

This is a good point for all of us aspiring media professionals: we all brand ourselves in one way or another, so we might as well be conscientious of it. I am happy have very much fallen into a focus on local initiatives. So, when I sell my professional work, it’s not going to behoove me to sell my perspective on federal politics, for example.

Social vids are a great way to drive traffic and attract people. Some of my observations were similar to past ones: these vids need to be short, quick, to the point and witty or cute or both. I am ok with video work, but I’d like to be a little more confident. I am vacillating on whether or not to take documentary production next semester because, as always, it’ll be another chunk on top of a big load. Working at Eugene Weekly as a full-time writer would be ideal, but, if that doesn’t come through, I’ll be substitute teaching at least three days a week in addition to classwork…

Biz Pitches

“And the L & N don’t run here no more…”

A welcome freight train slides by in the early to getting later night. It’s clang, it’s shake and it’s horn are enough to cover The Cranberries mix winnowing it’s way through my headphones. I’ve got three hours to get these blogs done. I swear I’m not going to wait till the last minute next time, but what other time is there than the present?

Pitch #1

What’s the beat?

The business brings awareness to local businesses thriving and spreading good in the community. I have one article published about this already (the second story down is the updated version).

There is also the dichotomy communities like River Road and Santa Clara who are coming together with parks, plans and initiatives and the things that tear communities apart like lack of housing, aggressive unhoused and apathetic, negligent or straight out corrupt institutions that don’t make a difference.

I am (hopefully) in the final stages of crafting two stories deep in depth and wide in girth that represent the above juxtaposition: an expose on zombie houses and a podcast on River Road’s community effort through the kiosk that now sits on the Ruth Bascom Trail.

My research for this class will be to find different authors and publication who specialize in what amounts to a solutions-based perspective that focuses around business and community development.

My target audience is people who believe and want to believe in community. Aimed right now at small to medium towns and big city neighborhoods, especially in the West and Northwest.

The reason I am the person who should tell this story is because I am already neck deep in reporting this stuff, I have a good voice and these narratives need to be told.

Pitch #2

A survey and a search for new new journalism.

Do a historical analysis of Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Zeta Acosta, Ken Kesey, etc. Search for current authors who publish longform journalism that searches for truth and presses the powers that be (you know, how Vice used to be).

Examine the new new journalism from the writing of Michael Lewis, Matt Taibi and George Packer.

My angle is that we need it. We need to feel the writing. What might help this along, though, is a visual reminder.

I wouldn’t mind trying to publish this as an audio piece, a podcast that’s a part of….?

My target population for this would be journalists and readers, probably from 33 to 93 years old. I’d get some women in there too to give voice to both sexes.

I am the person to tell this story because I am the originator of this story.

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