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Branded Podcast Quiz

This was a very cool exercise. I got another window into Gimlet Media and heard some interesting anecdotes, which will also serve as research for my Demystifying final project. And it offered a window into the world of branded podcasting, which can be a great revenue stream for media producers (although I’m dubious how much of an impact it provides for branders…)

The Ebay and Big Commerce-sponsored podcast was well produced and punchy. I’m not sure if it’s a branding strategy, but their continued repetition of the nut-reinvent your business or die-really helped to move the narrative.

I was and am bummed about my grade on the assignment, however. I agree with the assessment-that I did not include enough specifics about the podcast, but it’s not because I didn’t have details.

I took about four pages of notes while listening and relistening to a number of sections. I actually didn’t even get finish the episode because there was not enough time. This lack also precluded me from providing a more in depth analysis. A cap on word count I think is fair, but a 45 minute limit is too short, from my perspective.

Bill Siemering

Wow. Bill knocked my socks off. Incredible to hear the words of such an important contributor to the peaceful, positive growth of media and culture.

It’s wonderful to hear an 85-year-old man who still retains such a sharp mind and dedication to his mission. He keeps NPR alive with his spirit as NPR most likely rejuvenates his spirit.

And Bishop Desmond Tutu’s quote could (and might end up) head my portfolio page:

“Do your little bit of good where you are. It’s those little bits of good all together that overwhelm the world.”

I wonder if that would help to convince Professor Dan Morrison. Most likely not….


Meerah Powell

Yeah Meerah! So happy to have had her in class. I admire how well Meerah holds and presents herself as a competent, confident media professional. That’s 90% of the battle.

I also support her entrepreneurial foray into podcasting. I will be proposing an aspect of my terminal project and/or UNESCO Crossings reporting work on the sustainable neighborhood initiative in the River Road neighborhood.


Editing Presentations

These helped a lot. Not only were we able to see editing in actions, but the pro tips from presenters (like, learn the hot keys and incorporating noise reduction) were invaluable.

I also thought that both Connor and Haley were well-spoken and professional.

The only criticism that I would offer is to cut down on the length of the presentation so that students might be afforded the opportunity to apply this learning.


A24 Episode 01: All the Way Home With Barry Jenkins & Greta Gerwig

Sooooo, the transcript identifies the host as ‘Speaker’ and the A24 ‘About’ page has nothing but a weird picture of bubbles framed by bubbles. Get your shit together.

I did enjoy the hostesses voice and hearing from Jenkins and Gerwig. While I’m not that into publishing my own memoirs, it’s always a nice combination of fun and cringeworthy experience hearing other background stories.


Stuff You Should Know: How Flight Attendants Work

This seems like a really interesting podcast, but the topic was not that exciting. My review: good try to bring light to a not-all-that researched topic, but flight attendant history is still not that engrossing.

I do like the lo-fi presentation (more on this later) and the podcast-produced ads.


The Art of Manliness Podcast #141: The Science of Freediving and Breatholding with James Nestor

I’ve already expressed my feelings for this episode: an remarkable journey back to our watery ancestral roots. It’s also encouraging that science is beginning to acknowledge these ‘renegade scientists.’ And this interesting presentation is always carried forward by poignant questions from a well-researched host Brett McKay.

There are little to no special effects or high production value to this podcast. I’ve noticed that the podcasts that I am most interested in usually appear as a simple conversation between people on a topic that I am interested in hearing about.

The philosophical underpinnings of the Art of Manliness take place in an interesting cultural window. At a time when women are being more empowered for standing up and speaking out, there is an undercurrent of pushback from men. This takes both positive and negative forms, TAofM being one of the more uplifting.

McKay, the founder of this show, is one of many proponents of men returning to his classic robust, responsible roots while growing into stronger men by acknowledging their vulnerabilities. Maybe Oregon’s liberal heart has streamed too much into my system, but I am an advocate for this type man as a model; rugged, outdoorsy, competent with tools, daring in his adventures, well read, emotionally supportive and answerable for his actions. Okay, that’ll conclude the sensitive part of tonight’s blog. Adios.


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