Week 6 Audio Storytelling 2/21/18

Almost midnight at the ‘goat

Editing discussion/presentation: The good, the bad and the ugly I was not in class for. What’s good, however, is the opportunity there is in audio, the bad is my debt as compared with the ugly pay in the industry.

Ashley Alvarado, Director of Community Engagement at KPCC – Southern California Public Radio

I love Ashley’s focus on developing a rapport for and with the community at large. Much of my reporting is concerned with spreading positive news and forging a strong bond with local Eugene.

She nails collaboration to get journalists plugged in and excited. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. I am realizing that I did not enter this profession the best of writers (nor am I yet), but my collaboration with my editor Bob Keefer has been invaluable.

(And to digress, it’s tough being an intermittent intern too. I don’t feel that confident in tossing around ideas with the paid crew.)

Ashley also brings up what the Weekly needs to be doing waaay more of—both to get work off of overworked writers’ backs and to open an artery to the community.

“A Day In A Life” 2/20/18 Audio Pitches

Pitch #1 Jan Spencer

1. A strong sense of place.

River Road Neighborhood. Already have nat sounds. Already have an 90-minute interview and a 90-minute presentation with other voices in there too.

2. An interesting story with a with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Certainly not an end, but it begins when Jan moved to the neighborhood about 20 years ago, and picks up steam in the last year when RRCO aligned with Eugene Open Parks & Spaces and the RRCO River Road Santa Clara neighborhood meeting happened.

Continuing now with park adopters, kiosk raising Community Action Council, permaculture meet-up, Dharamlaya, Maiterra and Vistara, Cameron’s drafting, Mike and Cam’s push for local business development, Neighborhood Initiative Grant.

3. Something different and a bit unexpected. Ask: “why should anyone listen to this?”

People should listen to this because it describes a movement toward living in harmony with the environment. I don’t have to pitch this particular group of people too much on this idea but the benefits

The difficult thing to overcome is the cost. People who are not naturally bought into this are not easy to convert. It’s taking action towards living life in a completely different way. It’s scary and it’s difficult because it moves people out of their comfort zone. I did not find meaning or definition in the ‘burbs but many people do. They say they will join up when everybody else does and then nobody does and the same song gets played over and over.

Jan’s story is interesting because he is on the outer fringes and living the life. My eyes are acclimated but comparing this to the way the population lives where I grew up, it’s totally different worlds.

The audience will be introduced to Jan’s world in his environment. Talking at Reality Kitchen and presenting at the Permaculture Meetup.

4. Recorded on an iPhone.


Pitch #2: Design Profile and Discussion Douglas Wiltshire 2/28/18

1. A strong sense of place.

The old airplane hangar that is now the art department at LCC.

2. An interesting story with a with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Will examine design through Doug’s eyes with references from his own art, student art, local artists and art in general.

Why design is necessary.
Principles of good design.
What happens when design gets in the way of function.
What does this mean in real life?
What happens when there is a minimalist design that is no longer functional?

Ex. Leica camera has no settings or button labeled. It’s customizable, but you gotta’ figure it out, Jack.

3. Something different and a bit unexpected. Ask: “why should anyone listen to this?”

There’s a lot of cool art in Eugene and inspiration to discuss.

4. I’ll record on an iPhone.

Delainey Garland Anna Farris’s podcast

Link didn’t work.

George Graziano Sound Exploder “In Cold Blood”

Cool song. Interesting breakdown.

Connor’s Good News

Again, I can’t access iTunes on my Chromebook. It’s an hour before midnight and I’ve only worked one day not till midnight in the last weeks. I’ll check this out later….


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